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How Technology Advisors are Transforming Business Operations to Maximize Profitability

We are in a time when CIOs are facing huge challenges in maximising the IT productivity and ensuring that IT is more business aligned by bringing new skills and operating processes to the executive table. Amongst the top priorities of CIOs in 2023 (source : CIO.com), building a resilient IT organization, enhancing the IT alignment with business and rationalizing the technology estate have become critical for any IT organisation.


I-voting – A New Digital Transformation Trend in Government

The internet has, since the turn of the century, thrown open the possibility of accessing services from the comfort of your home. It was also the internet that had made remote work a possibility during the pandemic. As internet proliferation increases rapidly, users are getting used to a plethora of services including e-commerce, internet banking and, most recently, e-governance.


No-code Low-code (LC/NC): The Fastest Method of Software Development Today

If your company needs to develop an application, you’ll need to go through different stages to build a successful product. These stages start from the requirement analysis and end with a deployment process.
However, the development stage comes with different code related implementations which are technically structured by the developers. Writing codes are generally segregated into two parts as frontend and backend. Frontend developers design the user interface by using frontend codes and backend developers build the business logic into the respective application. Integrating these two segments quite time consuming and development time sometimes stretches beyond control due to changes.


Business Intelligence (BI) and Cloud BI in 2023: What, Why and How

With business operations becoming more and more complex and challenging in today’s world, the need for easy-to-access business intelligence becomes critical for fast decision-making so your company can function smoothly and remain competitive.


Web Portal Testing for a Flawless Customer Experience

The internet presence of your company needs to include web portals to offer customers a world-class experience. A web portal is a website that provides its visitors with a range of services, including information, commerce, and communication. Your brand’s online portal is a crucial resource because it offers a single point of access to pertinent data and services whenever you interact with your clients, customers or even your employees.

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