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How Technology Advisors are Transforming Business Operations to Maximize Profitability

We are in a time when CIOs are facing huge challenges in maximising the IT productivity and ensuring that IT is more business aligned by bringing new skills and operating processes to the executive table. Amongst the top priorities of CIOs in 2023 (source : CIO.com), building a resilient IT organization, enhancing the IT alignment with business and rationalizing the technology estate have become critical for any IT organisation.

As a CIO or CTO, you may have realized that your office has increasingly started doubling up as your organization’s Digital Transformation office and you are the driving force behind implementing the roadmap of transformation dominated by technology interventions. With all these perspectives in place, it is imperative that your organization (whichever sectors and geographies you may be operating in) needs to understand these priorities and manage their IT function accordingly.

Technology advisors across the world have become busy in working with the IT offices for assisting in both the operational and strategic needs of the CIOs. On one hand, creating a strong digital and thereafter an IT strategy and roadmap has become extremely important and on the other hand maintaining the technology estate and ensuring the most cost optimised way of IT operations is the need of the hour.

A Digital Strategy for your organisation involves deep down analysis and recommendation around strategy, leadership, culture, business processes, data and technology. While ensuring the adoption is critical for the success of a digital transformation program, creating compatible, efficient technology platform(s) is also important. To achieve this, you’ll need to select the appropriate tools/technologies/platforms and plan the execution with inputs from technology advisors of the new age. At the consultation stage, for strategic inputs you’ll need to work closely not only with advisors but also with the business leaders of your organization.

At the strategy level, your CIO office’s key tactical objectives would include reducing cost and improving productivity and maintainability. Key activities at this stage would include:

  • understanding the IT portfolio (application and infrastructure)
  • suggesting optimization/rationalization techniques that benefit the enterprise architecture and cost of ownership
  • preparing your organization for a transition to cloud
  • rationalising your company’s product suite including ERP/CRM

In the emerging technology space, IT advisors can also help you in assessment and planning automation of different business processes using robotics (RPA) and other intelligent automation areas like Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Advisors with specialised skills in these areas are helping CIOs to take their IT function to the next level, helping them getting aligned to business priorities including process efficiency and cost optimisation.

Nicolas Avila, CTO for North America at software development firm Globant suggests that the top priority of every organization in 2023 should be leveraging technologies that will allow the enterprise to move faster and nimbler, says. The challenge is finding ways to achieve these goals in an era of constricted budgets (source : CIO.com)

At AchieveX, our experts are fully equipped to work with your organization and help you meet all your digital transformation goals. Talk to our IT advisory practice heads in a free consultancy session to take your first steps in the revolution that will bring about a phenomenal transformation in your business.

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