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Committed to support governments and the Public Sector in strategising, implementation, monitoring and improving digitally transformed governance solutions for nation building.
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As our governments relentlessly set goals of providing good governance through comprehensive digital transformation, efficient public service delivery, capability and skill development, seamless interactions with stakeholders and social and financial inclusion, our thought leaders at AchieveX strive to identify solutions to the challenges that may come in the way of efficient technology enabled development.

The sheer scale of strategy and implementation of projects and policies to make citizens’ lives better can be an overwhelming task when it comes to large populations and geographies. In such situations, government leaders need an innovative, experienced team that can help in strategizing and implementing a gamut of data and technology driven solutions across services and sectors.


At AchieveX, our Government and Public Sector Advisory Services team is led by stalwarts with over two decades of experience in this field. We use efficient governance principles and technology solutions with sustainable and strategic insights. Our highly experienced team of professionals with in-depth knowledge in Public Sector Transformation solutions provides expert consulting in project management, bid management, technology evaluation, solution selection, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

Our Services

Helping Goverments to Serve the Citizen Better

Consulting & IT Implementation Services

End-to-end Digital Engineering, Data & Analytics, IT Infrastructure management and Enterprise Architecture


Project Management Office

Project management SOPs, operations best practices, project monitoring and overall strategic and operative assistance in digital transformation


Smart Governance Initiatives

Cutting-edge solutions for digitisation of documents, Departmental workflows, citizen centric services (G2C) and web portals & mobile applications


Smart Cities Advisory

Soon to be launched services for empowering governments to implement the concept of Smart Cities

Our Practice


P2TP Matrix based Strategies

Prioritization and execution of initiatives across people, process & technology to ensure significant cost savings

CMT Protocol-driven KPIs

AchieveX’s Continuous Monitoring and Tracking protocols drive KPI formulation for Government projects to ensure minimal manual interventions for KPI success measurement.

Integrated Analytics Framework

Our proprietary framework ensures integration of key data points in one dashboard so busy government officials get fast insights into processes.

Conspectus Reporting Formats

We ensure that reports are easy to read, interpret and retrieve for future reference, giving governments peace of mind when it comes to report-driven decision-making at critical moments.

Post Implementation KDOT

AchieveX believes in providing complete control over projects to governments, so we’ve put in place a Knowledge Driven Ownership Transition after implementation is completed by our team.

AchieveX Capabilities in

Government Sectors

Urban Development

We are engaged with central & state governments, regional development authorities and urban local bodies in:

  •    Planning, implementation and monitoring of urban infrastructure and services
  •    Visioning and policy preparation
  •    City diagnostics & city master planning
  •    Economic and financial modeling


AchieveX supports state governments in introducing Digital Interventions for a Blended Learning Experience by launching:

  •    Learning Support Platforms
  •    School Management System
  •    Content Management System
  •    Online Assessment System
  •    Digital Knowledge Library & Analytics
  •    Education Assessment Centers
  •    Command and Control Centres
  •    Education Project Management Units


We can assist the agricultural value chain through capacity building and institutional strengthening including

  •    Hosting & configuration of web application servers in Data Centres.
  •    Public Distribution Systems
  •    Value Chain Assessment
  •    Programme Management
  •    Digital Information System
  •    ICT in agricultural development
  •    Input facilitation, training and hand holding


AchieveX works with entities across the healthcare ecosystem incorporating the principles enshrined in Government of India’s National Health Policy 2017 to restructure value chains and revolutionize the way care is procured by:

  •    Implementing best practice operational models
  •    Developing cost management capabilities
  •    Leveraging technology for health analytics
  •    Healthcare process improvement
  •    Remote healthcare service
  •    Implementing Health Information Grids


AchieveX provides strategy and governance services to assist government bodies with foundational elements of finance in order to:

  •    Automate user lifecycle using technology solutions
  •    Facilitate Identity and Access Financial management
  •    Implement Privacy framework
  •    Solve data privacy & protection issues
  •    Implement Business Continuity Management programmes
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IT portfolio management is the application of systematic management to the investments, projects, and activities of enterprise Information Technology (IT) departments. Examples of IT portfolios would be planned initiatives, projects, and ongoing IT services (such as application support). At AchieveX we have expertise in IT Portfolios.

AchieveX considers critical components of IT portfolio governance to include activities like strategic alignment, prioritization, authorization of components, and allocation of internal resources to accomplish organizational strategy and objectives.

Per AchieveX’s experience, project portfolio management sets out a methodology used to predict potential problems, review progress towards operational goals, manage budgets, and address Government’s concerns, allowing project managers to then follow up with precision execution.

Here are the 5 phases that AchieveX follows in every IT project we undertake:
  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring/controlling
  • Closing

AchieveX has expertise in handling the following types of projects on behalf of Governments and PSUs:
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Technology Installation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Communication
  • Cybersecurity

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