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Committed to help companies collect, process, visualize and analyze data from every business process for deep insights, intelligent solutions, powerful predictions, reduced volatility and greater value
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Accurate capturing, processing and analysis of massive amounts of data thrown up by hundreds of business processes gives an edge to your company or startup when it comes to keeping your operations one step ahead of your competitors. Today, CTOs and CIOs are forever busy innovating ways to manage organizational data and extracting relevant insights to help drive businesses more effectively. There has been phenomenal progress in the way data is leveraged by business, and predictive analytics is poised to take a big leap in the near future using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


At AchieveX, we understand the necessity to manage data efficiently and create mechanisms through which your business can embark on a journey of better decision making. Our D&A team specializes in advisory and technology implementations using tools, technologies and platforms to achieve your company’s critical business objectives. Our holistic approach to data analytics ensures information integration and governance of every data source in your company or startup on a single platform, simplifying data staging, exploration and archiving. Whether you need a Business Warehouse, Enterprise Data Warehouse or Data Mart, we have your needs covered across systems, security and storage on premise or on cloud when it comes to data management solutions

Our Services

Helping Companies Leverage the Power of Data

Data Warehouse/ETL

Extract, Transform and Load data from various sources into a single warehouse for comprehensive analysis


Business Intelligence (BI)

Technology-driven processes for extracting business insights from your company’s business data



Platforms for collecting and analyzing large volumes of data across company-wide processes and departments


Advanced Analytics

AI/ML driven analytics for extracting micro-level insights for deep-level autonomous decision-making and recommendation engines

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Our Practice


CLDA Model

We take a consultative approach to Data Analytics, resulting in solutions that are customized and fine-tuned for your company’s specific business needs

RTDPS Analytics

AchieveX has perfected a system of making real-time data streams available to you using customized dashboards driven by AI and machine learning

MDS Integration

At AchieveX, we can help you integrate data from multiple sources including transactional applications, IoT, enterprise and social media and process them for actionable insights

Intuitive Data-driven Governance

Our intuitive data visualization tools make governance easy for your C-level executives by helping them take informed and efficient decisions.

Advanced D2P2 Framework

AchieveX data sciences and analytics practitioners are experts at advanced analytics, whether your business needs descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive or predictive solutions

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Data Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) and Cloud BI in 2023: What, Why and How

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AchieveX widely works on multiple areas in Data & Analytics including Data Transformation Advisory, Data Platform Modernization, Reporting and Data Visualization, Advanced Analytics (Predictive & Prescriptive including various AI/ML models) and End to End Data Lakehouse Implementation, though our services are not limited to the above.

AchieveX has a state-of-the-art approach as far as Data Advisory is concerned. Typically, it involves the following activities, tailored for specific customer needs:
  • Converting the business vision/objective to data vision/objective
  • Assessing existing data assets
  • Recommending tools and architecture
  • Formulating a data governance plan

AchieveX’s Data and Analytics System (DA) typically follows these steps as far as Data Modernization is concerned:
  • Assessment of the pre-migration state of the technology ecosystem.
  • Preparation of a suitable migration strategy considering the business priorities, budgetary constraints, time available for implementations etc.
  • Execution of the Migration Strategy
  • Post-migration validation

AchieveX has expertise in a wide range of data visualization tools covering all the leading platforms. Depending on the existing ecosystem and choice of the customer, AchieveX has deep experience in implementing any of the standard tools like Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, etc. AchieveX doesn’t have any tool preference in this respect, but makes choices based on project requirements and client needs.

AchieveX has rich experience in multiple databases/platforms including MS SQL, Oracle, Postgre, My SQL, Teradata etc. Our final choice is based on our client’s preference and the technology architecture, business needs & strategic aspirations to be achieved

Some of the service offering in the area of Reporting and Data Visualization are as follows
  • Rationalization of existing reports
  • Development of operational reports (Tabular Visuals, with drill-down and navigations)
  • Reports, dashboards, and other visualizations
  • Enabling self-service BI

AchieveX has a strong advanced analytics team. A few members also hold PhDs in Machine learning. The team can deliver cutting edge models in several areas. Some of the indicative areas are:
  • ML model on structured data
  • Social media analytics
  • Text analytics
  • Video and Image mining
  • Recommendation models

AchieveX has significant experience in developing solutions using leading platforms like Azure, AWS etc. Also, the team has deep expertise in developing custom ML models based on recent developments.

The AchieveX team has solid experience in building large data warehouses. Some of the indicative steps in building an E2E Data Lakehouse are listed below:
  • Analyzing existing data products and defining a suitable Data Lake strategy.
  • Standardizing & integrating data
  • Accessing and implementing the data consumption strategy.
  • Establishing data governance.
  • Building enterprise-grade dashboards and reports connecting dedicated SQL pools.

There are many on-going developments. Some of the important solutions that have been delivered by the AchieveX DA team spans Education, Mining, Manufacturing, Life Science and Healthcare including diverse other domains.

The AchieveX D&A team is led by seasoned leaders with significant experience in delivering complex solutions and advisory. Our DA team ensures the following practices to assure excellence in service delivery:
  • The team leverages their domain expertise to understand the customer journey as well as business pain areas and translate it to appropriate technology goals
  • The AchieveX DA team follows its own unique and proven delivery methodology with industry leading best practices and value creator
  • Our D&A experts adopt Agile/DevOps based methodology for implementing the solutions

AchieveX has a large, experienced, certified talent pool on most of the leading data platforms. The team undergoes continuous knowledge upgrades through a judicious mix of in-house and external training. The majority of the current talent pool is already certified. There is also a dedicated Talent Acquisition Team which works round the clock to onboard best resources.

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