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The ‘X’ in AchieveX represents the synergy between our young founders, our experienced leaders, our talented workforce and your innovative organization
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Get to know how we started

The Story of AchieveX

AchieveX exists because our founders said “No”

They said “no” to plum jobs after cracking interviews at top IT companies while they were not yet out of college. But ever since, life has been a series of “yes”es for them. After that big step of refusing secure jobs, the 4 adventurers of AchieveX had a major decision to make. Should they take the plunge into entrepreneurship? A difficult question, since none of them had precedents of anyone in their families who had succeeded in the world of business.

It’s Been “Yes” All the Way Since

But that wasn’t really a deterrent. The bunch of 22/23-year-olds said “yes” to risk and a future filled with self-denial when it came to the comforts of life. And yes, they walked the talk. At a time their peers were enjoying life to the hilt, our four founders were busy navigating AchieveX through the ups and downs of business. Because they knew that if they kept their cool in the “downs”, they would have a lot of “ups” ahead.

They started their entrepreneurial journey by making a pact with each other that they’ve not broken since then - never to back out. Today, when they look back on those times they realize that it was their passion, hard work, dedication, rejections they faced, and their emotional upheavals that gave birth to their business acumen. That family pedigree in business was never really necessary. Their worldview as entrepreneurs is very simple: AchieveX has been all about bridging gaps that exist in the modern world.

The Early Days

In order to bridge those gaps, for a couple of years they almost burnt their bridges with their families. They literally lived out of their office for days on end. No place to get some proper sleep, no families to fall back on. Just a huge pile of work they binged on, sometimes 48 hours straight with just caffeine for sustenance.

Passion and Dedication Pay Off!

They had a simple mantra for success - keep brainstorming, keep monitoring progress, keep analyzing productivity and keep meeting timelines. And all those difficult days of hard slog have really paid off! From just a tiny content creation firm to a 100 member organization working on prestigious government and company projects, AchieveX has come a long way. And somewhere in this amazing journey,, while trying to identify gaps to bridge, our founders realized a gap in our own organization.

Our Future is in Experienced Hands

Till 2020, AchieveX had been about young talent who drove projects with passion, dedication and hard work. But bigger and bigger projects revealed to our founders that along with these three traits, AchieveX needed leaders with wisdom and experience as well.

Today, AchieveX is a perfect mix of young talent and hugely experienced professionals who all subscribe to the AchieveX philosophy - sincerity, competence and ethics whenever we serve our customers.

Our commitment to serve you better

The AchieveX Pledge

To enable future safe business processes using our deep domain knowledge, technology driven innovation, and solution-centric approach and provide sector specific customized solutions and frameworks.


Our Accreditations & Recognitions

Our brand is going places with innovation

AchieveX in the Media


Technology is the lifeblood for almost all business realms out there irrespective of their size and strength. It is also no longer a secret that technology is extremely need for business venture that wants grow and establish itself in the competitive market. Although multiple business ventures are working in the IT sector Business Connect has a marvelous history of featuring the leading ones in its portfolio. And here again, we have given our best to bring this particular read for our global readership. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leading ones in its portfolio. And here again, we have given our best to bring this particular read for our global readership. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leading figures of Achive eX Solution Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading ventures in the arena of AchieveX Solution Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading ventures in the arena of lnformationTeclmology and Digital Business Services.

The tech wizards who forged and remade us

The People@ AchieveX

Our Founders


Anil Sharma


Shubham Prasad


Swarnab Paul


Our Leaders



Chief Technology Officer


Vice President
The guiding pillars we believe in

The AchieveX Values

Customer Centricity

Strong drive to deliver IT services and solutions with focus on customer experience backed with prompt and proactive communication.

Ethics & Transparency

Trust is the foundation of a successful relationship. We value honesty in every interaction. We’re transparent, yet use discretion when needed.


To continuously strive to be technologically innovative and achieve process excellence in order to empower your company’s growth and success.
Perfect mix of work and fun at our company

Events & Activities @ AchieveX

At AchieveX, we care not only for the career growth & skill development of our associates, but also take care of their health & wellness. Fun is one of our core values that we live by. Events & activities are curated around professional as well as personal growth & development of each of the AchieveXians. We celebrate both business gains as well as individual victories with equal enthusiasm.

About About

AchieveX Foundation Day

We celebrated our 6th anniversary at AchieveX! As an innovation-driven IT company, we're proud of the progress we've made in the past six years, and we're excited about what the future holds

o kick off the celebration, we took a trip down memory lane with a presentation that reminded us of our humble beginnings and the milestones we've achieved along the way. We then had the pleasure of cutting our anniversary cake with our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Amit Kumar Das and Vice President, Mr. Mrinmoy Banerjee. The evening continued to be interactive and fun-filled accompanied by delicious food and drinks at Absolute Barbecues, where our amazing employees enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation and camaraderie.

It's moments like these that remind us of the importance of celebrating our successes and the incredible team that makes it all possible.

Cheers to another year of innovation, progress, and growth!

Women’s Day 2023

Celebrating Women's Day at work was an extraordinary experience as we all gathered to honor the strength and resilience of women. AchieveX prioritizes the physical and mental well-being of its associates over anything else. Keeping that in mind to make the day more informative and empowering, AchieveX invited Dr. Mridula Purkayastha, a renowned gynecologist, to share her insights on how women can take better care of themselves.

Dr. Purkayastha shed light on the effects that prolonged screen time can have on the female body, particularly for those working in the IT sector. She provided practical advice on how to mitigate these effects, such as taking regular breaks and doing simple exercises throughout the day. Her insights were enlightening, and it was an excellent opportunity for the ladies to learn about the best ways to take care of their health.

The Senior Leadership Team made the event more special by distributing Sunflower plants to all their female colleagues. The Sunflower is a symbol of warmth, brightness, and hope, which resonates with the spirit of women's day celebration. It signifies that even during difficult times, women can strive towards the light and emerge as shining stars in both their personal and professional lives.

Overall, the Women's Day celebration was a beautiful way to honor women and their contributions to the organization. We hope that this inspires all of us to continue supporting and uplifting each other and to create a workplace that values and empowers women.

About About
About About

Holi 2023

Bringing a burst of colors to our workplace, the Holi celebration was filled with laughter and happiness.

Team AchieveX celebrated the festival of joy and unity, spreading love with every splash of color. It was a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusivity, showcasing the beauty of Indian culture and promoting team spirit.

The highlight of the day was the “Tree of Colors” on which leaves slowly bloomed as every AXian contributed with their colorful thumbs!

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