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Case Study: QA for a Data Management Company’s US Client

The Background:

A company into data management noticed crucial bug leakage and usability issues within the environments of one of their US clients. This client organization was into machine learning and data management as well. The company wanted us to prevent such issues using well-defined QA processes.

The Business Objectives & Challenges:

  • Improve the QA processes within the organization to prevent defect leakage and enhance customer experience
  • The company also expected the Business Analysis & Testing team at AchieveX to understand the business use cases and prevent any unforeseen issues
  • The company gave AchieveX an additional mandate of suggesting product improvement opportunities

AchieveX’s Solution:

  • Our Business Analysis and Testing Team Interviewed stakeholders to find out the pain points, observed the current QA agile processes and identified the gaps.
  • AchieveX created new process templates across the testing life cycle
  • We customised test designs according to the business needs
  • We also modified test automation approach and design to improve regression testing
  • AchieveX trained and sensitised our client’s QA team on the new processes and QA objectives
  • Finally, our Business Analysis and Testing team monitored quality with new metrics and information management processes

Enhanced Client Satisfaction:

  • Improvement in quality and speed was noticed, across the board, from the next sprint with existing capacity
  • Reduced risks with managed processes that led to improvement in effort and company reputation
  • Defect leakage from the automated regression suite was stopped
  • The morale of the QA team improved substantially through recognition of QA value addition

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