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Salesforce Migration Services

AchieveX comes with a Salesforce team equipped to help you move from one CRM system to Salesforce, while ensuring at all stages that the transition is easy, smooth, and secure.

Salesforce Implementation Benefits

33 %

increase in lead conversion

28 %

increase in sales revenue

45 %

increase in customer retention

Share Your Migration Requirements With Us

If you want to migrate your business processes from one platform to Salesforce, the Salesforce Team at AchieveX is ready to understand your requirements & devise the best migration plan for you.


  • Salesforce Partner
  • Extensive industry experience in manufacturing, retail, IT, healthcare, & more
  • A team of certified Salesforce Developers, Admins & Consultant

Our Full Cycle Salesforce Migration Process

  • Data Analysis-

    We conduct transparent and open discussions to understand your requirements for Salesforce migration, followed by devising a comprehensive plan and detailed report that highlight all the important aspects of your migration project.

  • Data Identification & Formatting-

    Once the migration plan has been agreed upon, our Salesforce team will identify, organize, and format all the data that you want to migrate & move from your current CRM system to Salesforce. We will transfer all your data while ensuring that you lose none.

  • Data Migration-

    Now it’s time to get into action. Migration processes can take time hence we make all necessary preparations before starting with the migration process. We try to conduct the migration process on your off days or after your working hours so that daily workflow is not disrupted in any manner.

  • Data Validation-

    Our expert QA engineers will validate all the data migrated and check whether all your data has been transferred accurately and safely.

  • User Adoption-

    We provide you with a user training session so that the users can comfortably adopt the features of the new Salesforce solution and also leverage the benefits provided by Salesforce.

Our Migration Services

Migration from Other CRM

The Salesforce Team at AchieveX is equipped to reformat and map your data to match the data formats of different CRMs. The whole process is time-taking & requires extensive planning. Our Migration experts come with robust experience in migrating from Zoho, Hubspot, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and more, to Salesforce seamlessly.

Migration from Other Salesforce Org

We can migrate all your business data from your Salesforce legacy to the new Salesforce Org. while ensuring that all the imported objects are aligned in a specific order so that your records and data make sense.

Data Synchronization with Salesforce

If you need to get your data sources synchronized you will either need a dedicated integration server or implement other external servers. The Salesforce Team at AchieveX can cater to both one-sided and two-sided synchronization approaches.

Salesforce Products We Work With

AchieveX comes with a team of qualified Salesforce Developers who are proficient in delivering robust Salesforce flagship products.

Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud

Why Choose AchieveX?

  • Salesforce Partner
  • A team of certified Salesforce developers & admins
  • In-depth Requirement Understanding
  • Proven Experience in Custom Software Development
  • Robust & Certified Salesforce Team
  • 24*7 Client Support
  • Customized Approach
  • Real-Time Transparency
  • Maximum Security Compliance
  • Efficient Project Management
  • Requirement-based Delivery Models

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