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Remote Deployment

Challenges in IT Staff Augmentation

52 %

employers cannot find candidates with the right skillset

ONLY 11 %

IT professionals are hired via staffing every year

41 %

employers say entry-level positions are the hardest to fill

Remote Deployment

Businesses can also recruit skilled professionals from AchieveX who will work on projects remotely, for both short-term and long-term employment contracts, allowing employers the benefit of flexibility in adapting to the constantly evolving market trends and work requirements via IT contract staffing, independent contracts, part-time jobs, seasonal work, and more. This helps businesses cater to urgent and temporary project requirements efficiently.



  • Quicker Onboarding Process
  • Save up to 50% on Operational Costs
  • Get work done round the clock
  • No on-site training costs
  • Geographical boundaries do not limit talent pool
  • Lesser problems related to security & productivity
  • Lesser problems related to absenteeism
  • No complexity pertaining to office politics
  • Flexible work conditions build loyalty
  • Remote working prompt collaboration


Remote Deployment Models

Under remote deployment, IT staff augmentation models are divided into four different types

  • Freelance -

    Hire expert and experienced freelancers with two types of agreements- fixed price & hourly. The freelance hiring model is 40% faster than any other hiring models.

  • Global Team Model -

    The Global Team Model works best in the software development industry, helping companies hire development teams with members located in different locations across the globe, both offshore & onshore.

  • Virtual Team Model -

    Hire remote workers from a vast pool of talented freelancers in the virtual team model so that your team can work from anywhere, virtually forming your team or department.

  • Dedicated Team Model -

    Hire a dedicated team with the required skill set to work on your dedicated IT projects from team AchieveX, best suited for large-scale projects.


At AchieveX, we place talent for C2H & C2C models in a gamut of IT Job Roles that include, but are not limited to:


  • Hire skilled & globally competitive professionals
  • Professionals are proficient in the English language
  • Cater to customers with your services/products globally
  • Suitable for both short-term & long-term partnerships

Share Your Augmentation Requirements

With experienced professionals from AchieveX, businesses can reduce project costs by a significant margin, along with ensuring an at least 2x faster development cycle. Owing to our agile approach and continuous integration, continuous delivery, & continuous deployment (CI/CD) approach, our team of experts adhere to the best coding practices.