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Project Outsourcing

Challenges in IT Staff Augmentation

52 %

employers cannot find candidates with the right skillset

ONLY 11 %

IT professionals are hired via staffing every year

41 %

employers say entry-level positions are the hardest to fill

Complete Project Outsourcing Services

Businesses that do not have an in-house team with the required skill set to complete the project and also want to reduce their own involvement to project management to focus on core business decisions can benefit from choosing our complete outsourcing models wherein a dedicated Project Manager from team AchieveX will be assigned to manage your projects.


  • Get access to an extended talent pool
  • Save cost of maintaining in-house team
  • Hire skilled project managers
  • Important project-related decisions will be objective
  • No more under-staffing problems
  • Resources can be better allocated to tasks
  • More to to focus on core business decisions
  • Implementation of latest tools, technologies & best practices
  • Scalable & flexible arrangements for outsourcing


IT Outsourcing Models

Beginning from adopting new technologies to delivering projects on-time, outsourcing IT projects has made business a lot easier for many companies, making it a popular practice.

  • Team-based Outsourcing Model -

    Hire an expert team from AchieveX with the right skill sets to act as your company’s in-house team for managing & delivering a specific project.

  • Process-based Outsourcing Model -

    Handover your company’s entire technical process to AchieveX to ensure efficient team management, project management, client communication, & risk management.


At AchieveX, we place talent for C2H & C2C models in a gamut of IT Job Roles that include, but are not limited to:


  • Easier task delegation & resource allocation
  • Reliable risk management protocols maintained
  • Teams are as per project requirements
  • Suitable for both short-term & long-term partnerships

Flexible, Efficient, & Reliable

AchieveX brings flexible, efficient, & reliable IT Staffing & Resourcing Solutions to help you hire qualified professionals who fit seamlessly into your work environment.